Review Santa Fe: 

JUNE 7-9, 2013


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Sara Bader Acquisitions Editor, Princeton Architectural Press, NY
Kelly Blair Senior Designer, Knopf, NY
Maggie Blanchard Director, Twin Palms Publishers, NM
David Chickey Publisher, Radius Books, NM
Alexa Dilworth Publishing Director/Editor, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, NC
Joanna Hurley President, HurleyMedia; Co-Founder, Radius Books, NM
Melanie McWhorter Book Division Manager, photo-eye Books and Prints, NM
George F. Thompson Publisher, George F. Thompson Publishing, VA
Denise Wolff Senior Editor, Book Program, Aperture, NY
Elizabeth Biondi Curator, BiondiFoto, NY
David Bram Editor and Curator, Fraction Magazine, NM
Stacey D. Clarkson Art Director, Harper's Magazine, NY
James Estrin Co-Editor, New York Times Lens Blog, NY
Todd James Senior Editor, National Geographic, DC
Keith W. Jenkins Supervising Senior Producer, Multimedia, NPR
Carrie Levy Senior Photo Editor, Wired Magazine, NY
Natalie Matutschovsky Senior Photo Editor, TIME Magazine, NY
Amber Terranova Photo Editor, Photo District News (PDN), NY
James Wellford Senior Photo Editor, Newsweek Magazine, NY

Exhibiting & Collecting

John Addison
Director, Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
Janet Dees Assistant Curator, SITE Santa Fe, NM
Terry Etherton
Owner, Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ
Michael Foley
Owner, Foley Gallery, NY

Charles Guice

Director, Charles Guice Contemporary, NY
Kathleen Hennessy Director of Activist Awards and Exhibitions, PhotoPhilanthropy, San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Houston Director & Owner, Hous Projects, New York, NY
Anne Kelly Associate Director, photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
James Kelly Director, James Kelly Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
Dennis Kiel Chief Curator, The Light Factory
Contemporary Museum of Photography & Film, NC
Richard Levy Director, Richard Levy Gallery, NM
Chuck Mobley Director, SF Camerawork, CA
Wesley Miller Associate Curator, Art21, NY
C. Rauschenberg Blue Sky Gallery Exhibition Committee & Board Chair, OR
Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson Director, VERVE Gallery of Photography, NM
Annick Shen Documentary Photography Program's Photo Editor,
Open Society Foundation (OSF)


Anthony Bannon CANCELLED

Director, George Eastman House, NY
Verna Posever Curtis Curator of Photography, Library of Congress, DC
Linda Durham Collector; Director, The Wonder Institute, Santa Fe, NM
Diana Gaston Associate Curator, Fidelity Investments, MA
Karen Irvine Curator and Associate Director,
Museum of Contemporary Photography, IL
Jessica McDonald Assistant Curator, Department of Photography,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA
Michele Penhall Curator of Photography, UNM Art Museum, NM
Becky Senf Norton Family Curator of Photography, Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum, AZ
Katherine Ware Curator of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art, NM



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